Intensive–30 Days  

In this Intensive approach, discover the tools, experience the lifestyle and focus on effective results for a full month, as you are monitored by our weight loss team including fitness trainer, yoga teacher, weight loss coach, nutritionist and medical doctor. 



Thirty days to fully learn, experience and live the weight loss program.  This is an Intensive approach to making a significant difference   to your body, mind, emotions as well as overall health. This is about weight loss, but this Intensive program could have positive impact on all aspects of your life and even major life decisions. 

Meet with our Nutritionist as you complete your Personal Health Profile and Assessment.  Establish goals and set strategy.  Evaluation by our medical doctor too.

Experience the life-changing implications of this Intensive weight loss program, integrating the physical, mental, emotional and etheric causes of excess body weight; and key long-term strategies to keep it off.  This is a results-oriented approach whereby the body, mind, emotions and vibrational foundation of the human condition are integrated. 

Learn techniques focused on weight control of neuro-cognitive association, brain re-conditioning, emotional & vibrational release, energy balancing, sound resonance, fitness physiology, experiential imprinting, portion control strategy and continual reinforcement methods.

Take an opportunity to enjoy a holiday, simultaneously implementing the process to body-sculpt. Re-educate your mind and release unwanted emotions to positively affect your wellbeing, seeking long-term results for a better life. 

Since our weight loss programs are natural, wholistic and in harmony with the body systems, all aspects of wellness are integrated to bring forth balance on all levels. 

During this 30 Days Intensive approach, our medical doctor will conduct a health assessment and weight loss evaluation.



Comprehensive 30 Days


Price:     £4995 per person for 30 days (Approximate USA$6900/EU€5700)

Includes:   Private Accommodations for 30 days, meals, snacks, juices, detox, classes, group yoga, daily fitness, personalized weight loss coaching, nutritional assessment, weekly massage and evaluation by medical doctor


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