Various types of addictions are addressed with an individualized approach.    



Food addictions  may include the habitual eating of chocolate, sugar, salt, wheat, crisps or potato chips, cakes, ice cream, French fries, cheeseburgers, fizzy drinks or sodas, just to name a few.

In today´s modern world, technology device addictions are rampant and potentially dangerous.  Addictions to devices such as mobile phones, iPads, tablets, laptops and other technologies may need to be rescued.  

Finally, for those recovered from addictions to alcohol, drugs and/or other substances, post-support is available in order to nurture, nourish and reinforce positive new lifestyle habits.  A process of re-education, cognitive association, emotional release technique, neuro-cognition and self-hypnosis combined with the McKeith Principles of Food Therapy, Yogic Practice and Nature Re-Discovery are implemented.  

Price:     £1995 per person for 7 days (Approximate USA$2800/EU€2300)

Includes:   Private Accommodations for 7 days, meals, snacks, juices, detox, classes, group yoga, daily fitness, personalized coaching, group counseling, nutritional assessment, massage and evaluation by medical doctor


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